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Keeping Country Music Alive

Pearly Jenkins is been around for a long time, and he's learned his lessons well. Long ago before the age of the computer, he was hacking his way through the taverns and smoky venues of the storied city. From the rockabilly past, to the country roots that he embodies today, probably Jenkins is the real deal. After having carried so much weight for so long, he knows what he has to do when he has to do it and thank goodness for that. Teaming up with the legendary producer Glen Marshall, he is put together a collection of songs that hark to the dark evocative country of the Bakersfield sound, parchment vignettes of love and loss, and triumph over tragedy. Fires stoked in the rockabilly and rhinestone clubs stayed true to the forlorn and forgotten songs that soak the fabric of the the small Lake Erie towns that shine like the lingering coals in the fading light. Never gone, not forgotten, the legacy of this man stands today in the testimony of music and memories that ring ever true.

Pearly jenkins - Live brantford Arts Block
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